• Private use & ideal for watching movie & series such like Netflix, and you can watch wherever you like, don’t limit yourself in the living room Large virtual screen, feel like watching movie in the center of theater; the equivalent of a home theater’s 200” screen viewed at 4 meters; a good substitute for large TV.
  • Kindly follow the instruction manual provided with the product and contact the seller in case of any further queries.
  • 2.5K Equivalent Display – each eye equipped an HD720p 584PPI LCD, 2560×720 combined resolution deliver incredible 3D video experience. Support most common 3D video formats: Frame packing Blu-ray 3D, Side-by-Side Horizontal, and Top-and-Bottom. HDCP compatible, support 720p, 1080i, 1080p video, for watching 2D video, the BIGEYES H1 also deliver sharp and clear picture quality
  • HDMI input, easy connection to Blu-ray 3D player, DVD player, Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast, gaming consoles such as Switch, PlayStation, Xbox, PC, iphone, ipad; also ideal to work as an FPV goggles(RF receiver not included)
  • Support adjustable inter-pupillary distance; compact, lightweight for long term comfort wearing; also support nearsighted between 0 ~ 5.0 D


VISIONHMD Bigeyes H1 584PPI 2.5K Equivalent Screen 3D Video Glasses with HDMI Input


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