• UNBEATABLE SOUND – This Bluetooth headphone packs a punch, With Deep Bass you can feel. The Omega One is flawlessly designed to combine the latest in connectivity technology and High Definition Stereo sound quality making it unmatched by any other Bluetooth Over-ear headphones on the planet. The Omega One Amazing sound offers dynamic bass, balanced mid and high-tones and crystal clear voice projection.
  • INNOVATIVE AND INTERACTIVE HD VOICE PROMPTS -Introducing your personal Headphone assistant, as soon as you turn on The Omega One, you notice something different. An HD Luxurious Voice Prompt that Tells you what function the headphone is performing. This feature is an OCTANE EXCLUSIVE.
  • NEW BLUETOOTH 4.1 WITH HD APTX – the Bluetooth chip used inside the The Omega One has the finest quality connection to Bluetooth devices on the market. The Omega One Bluetooth Headphones keep connection strong and long lasting without taxing your battery life. Once it’s paired the connection stays strong without choppiness or break up to 30 feet from your wireless phone device.
  • MEMORY FOAM 3 POINT OF CONTACT AND FLAWLESS DESIGN – The most comfortable Wireless Bluetooth headphones on the market. The memory foam ear pads and head piece soft and balancing enough to stay in place regardless of activity and soft enough to forget the headphones are even there.
  • EVERLASTING BATTERY, WIRED AND WIRELESS CAPIBILITY, PASSIVE NOISE CANCELLING – Battery life lasting 20+ HOURS, when they do die, plug in the STUDIO QUALITY CABLE that PRODUCES NO SOUND DETERIORATION. While offering no ACTIVE noise-cancellation, these offer a passive noise-Isolation that is simply Amazing.


Octane Wireless Bluetooth Over-Ear Headphones with mic, Lightweight, Super comfortable memory foam, Iphone 7 optimized, shareme + luxury design


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