Refund Policy

Money refund / replacepent Policies: In general we do not accept refund appeal  once the product is sold or if the seal is broken. In case of refund,  customer has to provide a valid reason in order to process their money back, Conditions are as follows:

(a) Customer did not receive the odered product within 13 to 15 business days from the day of payment.(Customer can claim a money refund)

(b) Performance of the product is not good. (Customer can claim for replacement)

(c) During the worrenty if customer does not receive any service from the service center.(Customer can claim for replacement)

(d) Customer did not receive any payment invoice.(Customer can claim a money refund)

(e) Apart from the specified amount shown on website extra money was charged without customer’s concern.(Customer can claim a money refund)  If thereason provided by the customer does not fulfil the required money back conditions, then charge back will be cancelled.

(N.B.): We are not libel if the product is physical/liquid damaged.